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 Monica Pema


Hi, I’m Monica


I am a passionate, transformational leader who is an advocate for change, raising frequency and living a fulfilled life.  

What do I do?

Whether I start with your career, mental, emotional or physical body, I get to the root of your imbalance in a simple yet effective manner.


I take you on a journey to transform where you are today to where you want to be in your present future. 


I support you to claim your path and own your sovereignty by connecting, clearing and educating along the way to live your best your life.

Who do I work with?

Everyone! Of any age, from any background.  Are you motivated to transform your everyday, raise your frequency and truely let go of what is holding you back,? Let us work together to create the change!

Tools and Techniques

 Knowledge gained from my life long teachers and educational journey in Psychology and Kinesiology. 

I hold a BSc (Hons) in Psychology; MSc in Occupational Psychology and a Diploma in Holistic Kinesiology.

Cant wait to connect with you and support our journey of you turn back to you!

with love


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