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Its here! Intuitive Wisdom

For many years I have promised that I would start writing to you and in 2021 its here!

I would love to share with you thought provoking, contemplative messages to inspire your everyday.

I hope you enjoy receiving this intuitive wisdom and please share it with your family and friends too.

From time to time I shall also share other exciting ventures.

Last year felt like a roller coaster which fell off the rails. For many of us the journey entailed too many twists and turns, some big some small. For all of us life as we know it changed.... for the better only time will tell. We were given an opportunity to experience, ‘going back home and staying there’ for some this was a blessing in disguise, for others it challenged us to move beyond our comfort zones. Have we grown from it? I think I can confidently say YES even if we aren’t acknowledging it!

I am hoping to send out communication every second Sunday Morning, please look out for it in your email or on my website on the Intuitive wisdom page! And add us to your contact list so I don't end up in the junk pile,

I personally can't wait to connect with you and share. I would love to hear about how you are and how your choosing to live life too!

Sending a big virtual hug to all!

With Love

Monica Pema

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